IACSR Membership

The IACSR welcomes all those engaged in the academic study of Religion.

All inquiries about membership should include the applicantís full name, contact information, and academic affiliation, verifiable by a link to an academic institutionís official website.

To join or renew your membership, please contact the Secretary General (Dimitris Xygalatas) at: xygalatas@mac.com

The types of membership and prices can be seen in the table below. We are happy to provide discounts to our student members.

Membership Costs

Type Cost
IACSR Regular Member 30 USD
IACSR Retiree Member 15 USD
IACSR Student Member 15 USD

Benefits of Membership

There are many benefits to membership at the IACSR. Our members attend annual conferences, publish regularly in Journals in the field, and take part in an active network of scholars interested in CSR.


The IACSR will have a number of meetings at the IAHR2015 meeting. Read more on the IAHR website.

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